International Students

Semester abroad

International students can take classes worth up to 18 credits in our University in the periods of January until May and July until November.
In order to apply for admission for one academic semester it is necessary that you send the following documents:

  1. Letter of motivation in Spanish
  2. Application form
  3. Enrollment verification issued by home institution
  4. Official transcript of completed courses at the home institution
  5. List of courses that you wish to take at Universidad Autónoma de Occidente.
  6. Letter of endorsement from parents or next of kin including telephone number and address.
  7. Curriculum vitae. (resume)
  8. Spanish proficiency certificate (does not apply for Brazil)
  9. Letter of recommendation issued by a professor .

Send application to:
Universidad Autónoma de Occidente
Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales
Calle 25 #115-85
Cali, Colombia


Associations for student exchange
The University has continuously been offering internships for international students that come with IASTE, AIESEC and LACCEI.

LACCEI (only for engineering students, see also )

Independent International Students
For our internship offers please ask [email protected]

Tuition fees

Students enrolled in universities that have an agreement with our university will not have to pay tuition. Independent international students will pay the tuition according to the prices for every semester.

Student visa

Please ask for the visa requirements in the nearest Colombian Consulate in your country.


International students can either find accommodation in apartments shared with other students or in the houses of selected families, located close to the university.
The approximate cost per month for students ranges from $US 87 to $US 110 rent, including room maintenance, laundry and ironing services. The general expenses for international students including food, housing, transportation and entertainment add up to approximate $US 320.

Currency exchange rate: 2,300 COP = $US 1 (August,2005)



Travel destinations with departure in Cali, suggested by our International Programs office.

Academic Programs

UAO offers 17 five-year undergraduate programs as well as 11 one-year (or up to 18 months) specialization programs.

School of Social Communication

    Department of Communication Sciences
    • Undergraduate Programs
      • Advertising Communication
      • Social Communication and Journalism
    • Graduate Programs

      • Organizational Communication
  • Department of Design

    • Undergraduate Programs
      • Graphic Communication Design

School of Engineering


    Department of Automation and Electronics
    • Undergraduate Programs
      • Biomedical Engineering
      • Mechatronic Engineering
      • Electronic Engineering
    • Graduate Programs

      • Electro Medicine and Hospital Technology Management
      • Equipment Automation and Industrial Processes
  • Department of Information Sciences

    • Undergraduate Programs
      • IT Engineering
    • Graduate Programs

      • Telematics
  • Department of Energetics and Mechanics

    • Undergraduate Programs
      • Mechanical Engineering
      • Electrical Engineering
    • Graduate Programs

      • Energetic Efficiency
  • Department of Production Systems

    • Undergraduate Programs
      • Industrial Engineering
      • Production Engineering
    • Graduate Programs

      • Industrial Hygiene and Safety

School of Basic Sciences


Department of Physics

Department of Mathematics

    Department of Environmental Sciences
    • Undergraduate Programs
      • Environmental and Natural Resource Administration
    • Graduate Programs

      • Environmental Management

School of Economics and Administrative Sciences

    Department of Administrative Sciences
    • Undergraduate Programs
      • Business Administration and International Management
      • Business Administration (entrepreneurial and academic model supported by DIHK, AHK, GTZ program)
      • Marketing and International Business
    • Graduate Programs

      • Marketing
  • Department of Economical Sciences

    • Undergraduate Programs
      • Economics
      • Accounting
    • Graduate Programs

      • Applied Economics
      • Finances

School of Humanities and Languages


Department of Social Sciences

Languages Institute

    Department of Humanities
    • Graduate Programs
      • Contemporary Humanities

Contact us

International Relations Office
Email: [email protected]

Head of International Relations Office

Cristina Peñafort Camacho
Email: [email protected]