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Engineering Environmental Seminar
Publicada por el Miércoles 29 de Mayo 2019 en Ingeniería

The Third  Edition of  The Engineering Environmental Seminar took place last Friday, May 10thHaving all the program in English, this academic activity is not only of great importance for students in this field but also for the enhancement of a bilingual campus. 
The seminar was held in three sections: The first part had presentations given by students from the different subjects of the program.  Then,in the second one, students exhibited prototypes that they had been working on during the semester, and lastly, there were presentations regarding the research conducted in the different seedbeds. The closure of the seminar was in charge of alumni who shared their professional experiences in the Environmental field.
With 82 attendees , the seminar was a success thanks to the enthusiasm and support given by the students who participated and also thanks to the multidisciplinary collaboration between the Environmental Engineering  school and Languages Institute teachers who helped learners during their process. 
The Environmental Engineering Program and the Languages Institute expect to have a greater participation from students in the following Seminar editions.
School of Engineering
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E-mail: garebolledo@uao.edu.co

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