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English Day at UAO
Publicada por el Viernes 16 de Noviembre 2018 en
English Day at UAO

Being bilingual represents greater opportunities to compete in the workplace, professionally and personally, which leads to competitiveness, trust and excellence for the individual, their workplace and their country. For this reason, the Languages Institute made the second English Day, with the aim of increasing the spaces and possibilities that the educational community has to practice, improve and even improve their level of English through academic and recreational activities.
In the morning and afternoon of November 9th, the Languages Institute had special activities for the UAO community in the Yquinde Auditorium, Central Arch and around the university such as the English Day opening, Salsa Show, Test Your Knowledge Contest, Fashion show, EF conference, Trivia Hunt and Fun walls.
In the evening, the Song Challenge was the closing of the event at the Quincha Auditorium.
These spaces promote and allow the university community to participate in activities that call for integration, recreation and understanding of current cultural, and academic contexts to understand the importance of English today. Also, the entire university community is involved in an internationalization process through the use of English as a foreign language and this way they participate in playful, cognitive and academic activities in order to generate a closer approach to the English language.
What kind of activities were offered?

  • Fun Walls by Gescom, Library and the Languages Institute were located at the Central Arch for the community to participate through ludic games and practice English.


  • Test Your Knowledge Contest was a space for social communicators to compete against each other and find out how much they knew about their major, general culture, UAO and Journalism. This year Valery Perafan was the winner of the first place competing against Daniel Felipe Quintero Rojas, Valentina Parra and Hanner Asprilla Cajigas.


  • The Trivia Hunt was a space for employees and students to bring their friends or colleagues and locate different stations around the university and answer a question or develop a task in regards to Social Communication.


  • The English Day fashion show was a special event carried out by Maria Camila Lenis, Ana Maria Larrea, Natalia Ruiz, Lina María Hurtado, and Aura Orozco Cardenas to advice social communicators on what to wear when they face real professional life circumstances such as job interviews, radio, and television.


  • A very interesting conference was given by EF to encourage the community to “Burst out of the Bubble” and get out of their routine, live new experiences, as well as to leave their comfort zone learning a new language abroad.


  • ‘You never know’  was a theater performance led by UAO students. That staging had familiar, social, sentimental and current issues written and directed by Néstor Durán.


  • The Song Challenge Final was a contestwhere 40 students auditioned and 10 finalists were chosen to compete for the first, second and third place.

Song Challenge
The Song Challenge was an event for students to feel engaged with the language through music which most young students enjoy and love.
This year the audience had a wonderful time because the stage, lights, setting, decoration, and contestants were amazing. We had the pleasure to have Manuel Fernandez who was the 2017 Song Challenge winner to open the show, also “Third block” band from the INEM school performing three songs; one in English, another in French, and finally a last one in German. Additionally, the support given by the Media Production Center and UAO play was outstanding. People had the opportunity to interact through Facebook live and send comments to their favorites.
Who were the winners and what other awards were given?
The 2018 winners were:

  • First place Isabela Castillo Bernal
  • Second place Angie Daniela Tamayo
  • Third place Hernan Alvaro Prieto

A special certificate was given to all the participants as a recognition of their commitment and interest on the Song Challenge, also students who participated, but didn’t win, received special prizes sponsored by EF, MACMILLAN, National Geographic, Sitel, and Pearson.
The Song Challenge was a ludic and pedagogical space in which mainly learners and the community in the university gathered in order to practice the English language through a song challenge. 

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