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UAO professors, come and join the Bridge Program
Publicada por el Lunes 5 de Octubre 2015 en
Bridge Program UAO
Let's improve your English proficiency

Would you like to improve your English proficiency? Some are doing it right now, right here!

The UAO is providing different spaces in which you can use your English to practice and improve it.

You are invited to join the Bridge Program. There are different ways you can participate, namely:  an activity in class led by the professor, a review class in English, a presentation in English prepared by the students about a topic from a subject, or a reading comprehension class on a professional topic, among others.

Appreciatively, many professors and students have already participated in the Bridge Program. We can mention Professor Wilfredo Agredo and his students of Biomechanical Design II, who presented during the class cases in which patients suffering from a condition, are provided solutions by selecting which prostheses are the appropriate ones.


Professor Johnny Posada Contreras and his students of Electric Engineering, who developed an English activity with his group of Fundamentals of Power Electronics, the students presented in small groups, information from an article that professor Posada had previously handed in about Power Quality.

Other areas of the University have also joined the activities led by the Languages Institute, recognizing the importance of mastering a foreign language. The languages Institute provides its best contribution to the UAO students and employees to improve their English skills.

The Library Information Service Center, with the support of the librarian Diego Peláez, offered the workshop ‘Hidden research tools’, about how to find scientific papers, thesis and to update your research papers regarding majors. 



The professor Jesús Alfonso Lopez, with the club ‘Artificial Intelligence in smart phones, digital cameras and  some appliances’,  showed how this technology could even replace human intelligence according to some scientists.



Other professors and students are preparing their participation in upcoming classes and clubs. So this is a great opportunity to invite all the members of the UAO community to be part of these great moments in which we use English as a real tool for our academic development and to highlight its importance in the educational current context.

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