The Colombian Conference on Computing is an annual gathering organized by the Colombian Computer Society (www.sco2.org). It aims to promote and strengthen the Colombian community in computer science, bringing researchers, students and practitioners, both national and international.


The Colombian Computer Society (SCO2) has organized this conference since 2005 in Cali,  which has been held in successive editions in Bogotá (2007), Medellín (2008), Bucaramanga 2010), Manizales (2011), Medellín (2012) ), Armenia (2013), Pereira (2014), Bogotá (2015) and Popayán (2016).


The 12th Colombian Conference on Computing (12CCC) will be held in Cali again, the city that gave birth to it,  from September 19 to 22, 2017. This will have the participation of national and international researchers. This year the conference is organized by the Colombian Computer Society, Autonomous University of the West and San Buenaventura University of Cali. This conference will provide a forum for discussion and exchange of ideas on computing (techniques, methodologies, tools, among others) with a multidisciplinary approach, strengthening the synergies between researchers, professionals and companies related to the topics of interest of the Conference.


The conference consists of the presentation of research papers with (i) a significant contribution to knowledge or (ii) innovative experiences in the different areas of computing. This conference includes plenary lectures, discussion forums, tutorials and a symposium for master’s and doctoral students.