UAO Testimonials by Foreign Exchange Students

Luisa (USA)

I attended one semester at UAO in Cali, Colombia. I reached out to the school by going to their website and contacting faculty members. The response I received from the school regarding my admission was filled with pride and joy. I loved UAO. The students were very nice and the way they projected themselves as the student body was amazing. Not only did I immediately make friends but the faculty was all so involved in helping me make the correct decisions regarding my schedule and any help that I may have needed throughout the semester. Their communications program is phenomenal. I cannot wait to go back. This experience helped me in the orientation of my major and to appreciate my culture, family and self. I will never forget the beautiful memories and experiences I had at the Universidad Autónoma de Occidente.

Michel (Switzerland)

I spent one semester at the UAO, working in various areas as part of an AIESEC traineeship (mainly concerning the internationalization of the university as well as the promotion of entrepreneurship). I had a wonderful time here and can recommend anyone who is considering spending an exchange semester at the UAO to do so even though I cannot say much about its academic level since I wasn't taking any classes on a regular basis. Judging from what I saw, however, I got the impression that the university is highly committed to academic excellence and that classes are very practical in general. Other than that, the campus is simply beautiful and its facilities very impressive, not to mention the girls that you meet here...

Life in Cali is great if you like the tropical climate and enjoy going out a lot. People are very friendly and are always ready to teach you some of their amazing salsa dancing skills. Colombia may have the image of being a very dangerous country but it did not feel any more unsafe than any other big city / developing country in the world. Or else I wouldn't have been hitch-hiking throughout the country I guess... But best you come and judge for yourself!

Matthias (Germany)

I was working together with two university lecturers on a research project about mobile agents in the department of computer science. The working environment was very good considering the people and the infrastructure. There is also a broad program of extracurricular activities, such as free dance classes for example, which I enjoyed a lot.

I would definitely recommend other foreign exchange students to come here. My work was very interesting and a good experience for me. If safety issues are making you think about whether to come or not: from my point of view Colombia is not more dangerous than other South-American countries. During my stay nothing happened to me.

Sergio (Mexico)

My internship at the UAO was about creating multimedia projects for some academic areas of the university, with a great work team. I think the UAO is an excellent university. It has very good facilities and teachers who are always willing to help you in any task you have to do.

I recommend doing a traineeship at the UAO because if you want to get a professional experience while getting to know a great country with a wonderful culture, lots of salsa dancing, very friendly people and many beautiful girls, this a really good opportunity.

Tobias (Germany)

I studied/worked at the UAO from August until December 2004. I did an internship at the international relations office and participated in two courses (international business and international marketing) during this time.

I still have wonderful memories of the UAO. The campus is really amazing (who can say that he studied beneath palm trees?) and I enjoyed the warm climate a lot. The courses were very interesting and I had the impression that the university has a high level of education and equipment.

I can recommend anyone to study at the UAO and get to know this wonderful city called Cali. Especially Europeans can learn a lot here, for example what it means to receive service in shops/restaurants and how to enjoy one's life!