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UAO a Bilingual Campus: English Program for Autonoma’s Personnel, EPAP

The Languages Institute and Human Resources have the honor to share with the UAO community that our first Front Desk EPAP group has completed the A1 level of English.

The closure of the level was organized for students to have the experience and contact with a native speaker. In this opportunity we had the pleasure to have Roger La Salle from Australia.

The experience with the foreigner was wonderful and students had the opportunity to ask some questions such as «what is your name?» «What do you do in Colombia?» «What do you know about Colombia?» and «what’s your favorite dish? They also recommended him eating ‘empanada’ and ‘champus’. Additionally, Mr. La Salle had the chance to ask all the participants questions as well.

This activity was interesting for students and the teacher who witnessed how much students have learned during this level. She was very proud of them. In addition, it was really rewarding to listen to the foreigner express he was impressed by the level of the students in such a short time and they also stated they have learned a lot.

Congratulations to all the EPAP participants for their hard work, motivation and commitment with the university and for being a part of UAO a Bilingual Campus.

For more information, contact us at the Languages Institute at ext. 12135. 

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