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Honor Roll Ceremony 2020-01

Honor Roll 2020 - 01

The Honor Roll Ceremony is a special event hosted by the Languages Institute every semester to honor a selected group of promising students who are recognized for their excellent work and progress in learning English.

In this opportunity we have the pleasure to honor 47 students from our Languages courses and English programs.

It is a great honor to have Cinthia Kathalina Rodriguez, as the Valedictorian 2020-1, who was chosen for completing the fifth English level with an average of 4.7 and received three Honor Roll Awards in a row.

A special recognition to  Juan Jose Holguin who has been selected as an honor roll student because of his creativity, commitment and dedication in the UAO Speaks English radio program.

Congratulations to all the honored students who take seriously the learning process of a new language and thanks to the Languages Institute and all the people that made this ceremony a memorable event in many people’s lives.

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