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Greenmetric Colombian University Among Most Sustainable in the World

The University of Indonesia published its UI GreenMetric World University ranking 2017 which evaluated environmental sustainability in 619 institutions of higher education level from all over the world that year. The Autónoma de Occidente University scored number one in Colombia in sustainability and number three in Latin America according to the ranking.

In the year 2017 the Autónoma de Occidente University scored place 67 worldwide, escalating 87 places in comparison to the same ranking in 2016 in which was ranked 154, also improving its previous ranking of 163 in 2015 which endorses academic, research and social projection actions carried out within the framework of the “Sustainable Campus at Autónoma University” project which promotes environmental commitment and responsibility.

“I think that this ranking is a way to measure university sustainability. It rearranged many universities to make the ranking more evidence-based and less quantitative. We benefited because we are able to show much more with our sustainable actions. It is important to make clear that we scored place 67 worldwide, third in Latin America and best Colombian score” assured Carlos Borrero, member of the Sustainable Campus project.

This continuous improvement in the ranking is due to projects such as the second phase of Photovoltaic Solar System (PSS), which contributes to the production of clean energy. “The rubric of energy had a big impact in the second phase of PSS and projects such as the change of fluorescent illumination to LED within the university. And the change in the technology of the cooling system of the air- conditioning of the central building. These aspects improved the efficiency and automatization of the Campus” affirms engineer Borrero.

The UI GreenMetric ranking assesses aspects related to water, waste, energy and climate change, environment and infrastructure, education and transport. They awarded the university with 5245 points distributed as follows:

In order to rank the greenest university campus in the world, the University of Indonesia has into consideration factors as achievements related to energy and climate change, waste management, transport, and projects related to the use of water and infrastructure.

In these aspects, the Autónoma de Occidente university scored a total of 5245 points which are divided into six categories: in “Environment and infrastructure” the score was 677; in “Energy and climate change” 1191; in “Water” 750. In the categories of “Waste” 1551; “Transport” 811 and in “Education” 965 points.

With this position, the Autónoma de Occidente university is the first in the country within the GreenMetric  2017 ranking. “The scoring system of the University of Indonesia changed. It does not only request data but evidence as well. Thus, we sent files, photographs and videos of the sustainable actions which are in continuous improvement and updating” comments Borrero.

Sustainable Projects for the University in  2018

With the target of continuously improve in environmental sustainability, the University is aiming to several initiatives in 2018 within the framework of the “Sustainable Campus project” and the “2030 plan” of the institution.

“We will continue working in actions that contribute to becoming more efficient, since next year we will introduce elevators in the buildings with classrooms and in University Welfare building; in addition to this there will be air-conditioning in the classrooms and that will increase the energy consumption. Therefore, we must aim to acquiring efficient air-conditioning and elevation equipment that produce the least impact possible for the environment. Another action is the strengthening of the academic activity, research and culture. The idea is to impact with sustainable projects the works of locative growth in the medium term” concludes Carlos Borrero.

GM Ranking 2017

Since 2010 the GreenMetric ranking has been carried out with the purpose of providing a profile to the universities that have a commitment in generating a positive impact in terms of environmental issues and that take administrative and educational actions that are sustainable as they reduce carbon emissions through the efficient usage of energy, the greening of the campus and the management and recycling of waste.

The 2017 ranking lead with 7552 points by the University of Wageningen and The Research Center of the Netherlands also holds in the “top ten” five universities from England, two from the United States, and one from Italy and Germany respectively.

Other universities from the continent which are within the top 100 are the Universidad Nacional from Colombia in place 69, Universidad del Rosario in place 72, Fundación Universidad del Norte de Barranquilla in place 85 and the Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon in place 89.

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