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Lo UAO de la Semana

Song Challenge

“The English Song Challenge” was hosted by the Languages Institute with the support of UAO Welfare last Tuesday, October the 25th in Quincha auditorium. Sponsored by EF (Education First) and Cambridge, this event was a space for having both a ludic and pedagogical space in which mainly learners and the community in the university could gather in order to practice English language through a song challenge, always pursuing a bilingual campus environment.

It was a pleasure and a big honor to have a group of 9 talented students chosen from 127 candidates from our university who sang in English. Thanks to the juries, Jorge David Sanchez, Dario Naboyan and Alejandro Prieto who have a vast experience in the music field, it was possible to decide who the winners of this challenge were, being in first place Angela Patricia Rosero from Graphic Design, followed by Sara Julieth Collazos from Business Administration in second place, and lastly Nathalia Isabel Bieler from Social Communication and Journalism in third place.

Congratulations to the participants and thanks to the audience who acknowledge the importance and pleasure of learning English.

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